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Surviving the Work Day

Crash, Bang, Boom – Life Lessons Learned in a Parking Lot
I want to start this off by saying thank you to all the incredible friends who have brought me hope and encouragement over the last week. Your thoughts, prayers, and visits have meant more than you will ever know.
20081030-22-01-05Thanks to Jackson Miller and Kate ONeil for the awesome inspiration in the form of a balloon!
Thanks to Anne and Bo who were so helpful with Mel and the kids, we could not have made it without you guys.
Thanks to Tom, Lizzie, Jim, Erin and the rest of the BarCamp Crew who helped keep my spirits high in the midst of the pain. If I missed someone, please forgive me, it must be the drugs!
One thing that I have learned over the years is that important lessons in life are often learned via great pain and suffering. The lessons of the last week have been no exception.
So the story starts several weeks ago when I wrecked my precious little commuter car (Honda Prelude) just days before our dear Madilynn was due to come home from the NICU at Summit. The car though crashed, still ran and drove (though without headlights and radiator).