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5 tips to choose the best accounting program

Do you have a growing company and heart for the business? Then it is quite possible that even the free Saturday evening is not safe for your bookkeeping activities. The ideal solution for this is Eenvoudig Boekhoudprogramma Kopen. The organization of income and expenditure costs you with a good accounting program and the VAT return is sent with the press of a button!

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The ease of use of most programs has increased considerably in recent years. Relatively new, for example, is the possibility to link the bank account of your organization to your accounting package, after which transactions are automatically entered in your accounting. But not every package offers the same possibilities. That is why it is good to compare the functions with each other. The tips below give guidance in searching for your perfect Boekhoudprogramma:

Tip 1: The price does not say everything

Nothing is specific in the shadowy world of accounting software. However, it is a fact that price and functionality do not always coincide. A research report from 2013 concluded that there was only a correlation between ‘on the one hand the price factor and on the other hand the appearance of a package.’ Moreover, the length of the package name correlated strongly with the subscription price.

When selecting an administration program, do not assume that it is cheap, expensive to buy. And read the fine print! With some packages, you already pay extra for basic operations.

Tip 2: Decide if you want to work via the internet

Unfortunately, the online viewing of your weekly profit figures, for many accounting programs, is much more difficult. That is why it makes sense to decide in advance whether you prefer a program on your computer or an online program. Not every software producer offers an online accounting program in the short term. Information on this can be found on the website of the software producer of your choice.

Tip 3: Deepen yourself in the support options

Although accounting programs have been made to make life easier, it can happen that you run into a problem. Fortunately, you will find a comprehensive user manual on the site of many manufacturers. However, many entrepreneurs prefer personal assistance from customer service. Therefore, before you order a package, check whether the software manufacturer offers a (free) customer service and which opening hours are used.

Tip 4: Research links with your current software

Do you own a driving school? Or have you started a childcare service recently? Your current software provider may then offer a link to your accounting program. On the websites of the manufacturer, in most cases, a list can be found with the various software partners. Do you find your company-specific software in the list? Pay attention! This does not necessarily mean that the program works seamlessly with your accounting software. Avoid extra work and check the description to see which information flows can be linked.

Tip 5: Check which software your accountant uses

This last tip may even be the most important in your search for the right accounting software. Your administration may be managed by an accountancy firm at this time. Although boekhoudprogramma makes a breeze, many people like it when an external accounting or accounting firm checks the bookkeeping. Therefore, see which accounting programs the accountant uses in your area and do not hesitate to contact him.

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